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Tips on Having A Successful ServiceNow Implementation

With Michael Lombardo, CEO of GlideFast Consulting

In this video, Michael Lombardo, CEO of GlideFast Consulting, shares tips for a successful ServiceNow implementation. He begins by highlighting the importance of executive sponsorship, emphasizing the need for senior leaders to communicate the organization's adoption of ServiceNow and address concerns about job security and change. Executive sponsorship helps clear roadblocks, increase morale, and promote acceptance of the new technology.

Next, Lombardo advises taking a crawl-walk-run approach to implementation. Instead of trying to achieve full automation and advanced features immediately, it's recommended to start gradually and set achievable expectations. Failure and learning from mistakes are part of the process, and organizations should focus on continuous improvement and innovation.

Lombardo emphasizes solving for the 80 percent, not the 20 percent. In other words, decisions should prioritize the majority's needs and requirements while finding a compromise for the remaining minority. It's essential to strike a balance and make decisions that benefit most users.

The video emphasizes the need to marry technology and processes. Lombardo stresses that ServiceNow cannot fix broken processes alone. It is important to have efficient and well-defined processes in place, while also being flexible enough to adapt them to the capabilities and limitations of the technology.

Another key point is to gather input from the user community. Lombardo suggests involving the end users, such as help desk staff and power users, in the decision-making process. Their feedback and insights are valuable in understanding the user experience and ensuring that the platform meets their needs.

In this video, Lombardo offers tips for a successful ServiceNow implementation. He highlights the significance of executive sponsorship to address concerns, recommends a crawl-walk-run approach to implementation, stresses the importance of prioritizing the majority's needs, emphasizes the integration of technology and processes, and suggests involving the user community for valuable feedback.



About GlideFast Consulting, A Division of Apex Systems

GlideFast Consulting is an Elite ServiceNow Partner that specializes in delivering exceptional solutions on the ServiceNow platform. We pride ourselves on offering industry-leading services, unparalleled expertise, and a track record of positive customer reviews. Our extensive experience in ServiceNow, combined with our unwavering commitment to customer success, sets us apart from our competitors and enables us to deliver successful outcomes for every client. Whether it's our deep platform knowledge, process-driven standardization, or innovative approach, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience. Reach out to our team here.

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