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ServiceNow's Cloud Discovery and Service Mapping

Deployment of ServiceNow's Cloud Discovery and Service Mapping for Resource Management and Cost Optimization

The Customer

The customer is a major player in the power and energy industry, focused on delivering reliable and sustainable energy solutions. With a widespread infrastructure and a diverse range of services, the company operates on a large scale, serving numerous customers and managing complex IT systems.

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The Challenge

The customer recognized the need for top-down discovery and automation to optimize their Configuration Management Database (CMDB) and achieve a better understanding of how their applications were interconnected with the underlying infrastructure. They sought to consolidate and streamline their IT Service Management (ITSM) processes and address the lack of visibility into their cloud resources.

The Solution

To meet the client's needs, our team proposed the implementation of ServiceNow's Cloud Discovery and Service Mapping. This comprehensive solution enabled the customer to gain a holistic view of their IT infrastructure and better understand the relationships between applications and underlying components.

The proposed solution involved implementing Service Mapping for key services, allowing the customer to visualize and understand the dependencies and impact of each service. Additionally, Cloud Discovery was deployed to seamlessly integrate the customer's cloud resources into their CMDB, providing a unified view of both on-premises and cloud-based assets.

The implementation process required close collaboration with the customer, including regular standup meetings, troubleshooting sessions, and training calls. Our team also engaged with the customer's application owners to gather specific service mapping information, ensuring accurate and comprehensive results.


The project spanned nine months, during which significant achievements were made. By leveraging ServiceNow's Cloud Discovery and Service Mapping, the customer gained several notable benefits:

  • CMDB Optimization: The implementation resulted in an optimized and consolidated CMDB, allowing the customer to have a clear and accurate representation of their IT assets and their relationships.

  • Automation and Efficiency: The solution provided the customer with automation capabilities, reducing manual effort and enabling streamlined ITSM processes. This resulted in improved efficiency and reduced time spent on resolving incidents and outages.

  • Improved Visibility: The Service Mapping functionality enhanced the customer's ability to view the impacts of outages, enabling faster incident response and minimizing downtime. With Cloud Discovery, they also gained a better understanding of their cloud resources, leading to improved resource management and cost optimization.

By leveraging ServiceNow's Cloud Discovery and Service Mapping, the power and energy company has gained a powerful toolset to optimize their IT infrastructure, streamline processes, and ensure uninterrupted service delivery. This successful partnership has set the stage for ongoing digital transformation and efficiency improvements within the organization.

The successful implementation of ServiceNow's Cloud Discovery and Service Mapping marks the beginning of an ongoing partnership with the customer. Future plans include integrating Guardicore for enhanced security and continuing to improve IT Operations Management (ITOM) processes. 

Overall, the customer expressed a high level of satisfaction with the work conducted by GlideFast, our team of experts. 


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