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From Legacy to ServiceNow's Configuration Management Database Mastery

Government - ServiceNow CMDB

The Customer

The client, a prominent player in the state government sector, had been operating with a homegrown Configuration Management Database (CMDB) known as NRC. Prior to engaging with our team, their utilization of ServiceNow was primarily confined to IT Service Management (ITSM) functions. Despite relying on a custom CMDB solution, the client had gained recognition for fostering a talented and dedicated group of professionals committed to advancing their IT infrastructure. This collaborative and forward-thinking approach set the stage for a successful partnership as they sought to enhance and modernize their existing systems with the implementation of ServiceNow solutions.


The Challenge

The primary challenge faced by the client-centered around the migration from their incumbent homegrown Configuration Management Database (CMDB), known as NRC, to the comprehensive ServiceNow platform. The client approached our team for assistance, seeking to streamline and modernize their IT infrastructure. The outlined expectations for the project encompassed the establishment of a foundational Configuration Management Database (CMDB) within ServiceNow, the implementation of robust Discovery capabilities, seamless integration with the existing NRC system, and the replacement of pre-existing NRC integrations with the ServiceNow CMDB. This transition aimed not only to meet immediate operational needs but also to position the client for long-term efficiency and scalability in their IT management processes.

The Solution

The proposed solution devised by our team for the client's migration project involved a multi-faceted approach to ensure a seamless transition to the ServiceNow platform. The key components included the establishment of a robust base Configuration Management Database (CMDB) within ServiceNow, facilitating comprehensive asset and configuration management. Additionally, the implementation of ServiceNow Discovery was aimed at enhancing the client's ability to automatically populate and update their CMDB with accurate and real-time configuration data.

To facilitate a smooth integration process, our team devised a strategy for interfacing with the existing NRC system. This involved establishing connectivity and data transfer protocols to ensure a continuous flow of information between the two platforms. Furthermore, the replacement of NRC integrations with tailored solutions within the ServiceNow CMDB aimed to optimize system interoperability and functionality.

In the course of the project, our team encountered challenges in identifying Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) with specific knowledge about the NRC system. Despite these challenges, adjustments were made to accommodate the client's ongoing use of asset management during the engagement, ensuring minimal disruption to their daily operations.

As a supplementary effort to enhance automation and efficiency, a custom server onboarding request item was developed. This innovative solution integrated seamlessly with external systems, automating the server build process. This not only expedited server provisioning but also demonstrated our commitment to tailoring solutions that address the unique needs and workflows of the client. The combination of these solutions ultimately contributed to the successful execution of the migration project, meeting and exceeding the client's expectations.


The successful implementation of our solutions yielded significant accomplishments for the client. Firstly, the retirement of the custom NRC system marked a crucial milestone in the modernization of their IT infrastructure, moving from a legacy solution to the robust capabilities of ServiceNow. This transition also facilitated the streamlining of licenses, particularly noteworthy as the NRC system was built on Oracle, optimizing resource allocation and cost-effectiveness.

In terms of quantifiable metrics, the CMDB was populated with an extensive dataset, including 335,000 Configuration Items (CIs). The successful integration of NRC data allowed the client to seamlessly manage 65,000 CIs within the ServiceNow platform, consolidating their configuration data for improved accessibility and control.

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 These metrics collectively demonstrate the depth and breadth of the project's success, showcasing tangible improvements in data management, automation, and overall IT operational capabilities for the client.


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