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Revolutionizing Change Management with Seamless ServiceNow Integration

Financial Education  –  ServiceNow ITSM

The Customer

The client, a prominent figure in the Financial Education industry, was utilizing the versatile ServiceNow platform to manage various aspects of their operations. Their prior experience with ServiceNow centered around the utilization of essential modules, primarily focusing on incident and problem management.

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The Challenge

Our client was confronted with substantial hurdles in the effective management of their change management procedures. They approached us with a pressing need for assistance, driven by several key issues. Firstly, their existing change management processes were unwieldy and time-consuming, resulting in operational bottlenecks and disruptions.

Secondly, they lacked the necessary customization to align ServiceNow with their specific business requirements. Lastly, certain user groups within their organization encountered difficulties in accessing essential information, impeding their ability to carry out their roles efficiently.

The Solution

The client anticipated that our intervention would bring about several transformative outcomes. They looked to streamline and automate their change management processes, reducing delays and enhancing efficiency. Additionally, they sought an enhanced level of customization within the ServiceNow platform, tailored precisely to their unique business processes. In addition, the client aimed to improve user access controls and permissions, ensuring that team members could access the relevant information necessary for their tasks.

Our team proposed and executed a comprehensive solution to address the client's needs:

Customization and Configuration:

  • We maintained an Out-of-the-Box (OOB) approach for most ServiceNow modules.
  • Customized specific parts of the change management form to align with their unique requirements.
  • Added relevant fields to the change management form to capture essential information.

Notifications and Reports:

  • Reviewed existing notifications and reports.
  • Made minor wording changes to notifications for clarity.
  • Ensured that notifications and reports remained primarily OOB to minimize disruption.

User Access Control:

  • Modified user access permissions to ensure that specific user groups had appropriate access to the system.
  • Implemented role-based access control to enhance security and data protection.

Throughout the project, our team engaged in a structured approach to ensure success. We initiated the process by conducting informative workshops at the project's inception, introducing the client to the fundamentals of change management and its components. To maintain close collaboration and transparency, we conducted weekly meetings with the client, where we diligently gathered feedback, tracked project progress, and ensured strict alignment with their evolving requirements.

Our commitment to quality was unwavering as we conducted rigorous peer reviews of all implemented changes, ensuring that they met the highest standards of quality and compliance. Furthermore, during the testing phase, we provided unwavering support to the client, affording them the opportunity to validate and fine-tune the implemented changes, ultimately ensuring a robust and tailored solution.


The client now benefits from a fully functional and streamlined Change Management Solution seamlessly integrated within the ServiceNow platform. This transformation has ushered in a newfound efficiency, drastically reducing the time required for implementing changes and mitigating operational disruptions. Moreover, the system's enhanced customization ensures alignment with the client's distinctive business processes, granting them greater flexibility and adaptability.

Crucially, the optimization of user access controls has ensured that the right individuals have access to pertinent information, bolstering the overall user experience. Throughout the project, which was finalized within a few weeks, our team successfully reduced the complexity of the change management process, elevated the level of customization within the ServiceNow platform, improved access controls and permissions, and provided comprehensive training and support, empowering the client's team to efficiently utilize the solution.


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