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ServiceNow Transformation in the Defense and Space Manufacturing Division

Government  – ServiceNow ITSM, ITOM Discovery, HAM and SAM Pro

The Customer

The client is a government entity operating within the public sector. They are a division of a prominent governmental department, with a focus on national security and defense. The client embarked on this transformation journey with little to no prior experience in utilizing ServiceNow. The intricacies and functionalities of the platform were entirely unfamiliar to their team.


The Challenge

The client faced several challenges that prompted them to seek our expertise.

The client's initial experience with ServiceNow presented several challenges. Their team faced a learning curve due to their unfamiliarity with the platform. They needed to become acquainted with ServiceNow's capabilities, features, and best practices from the ground up.

The absence of prior ServiceNow expertise led to operational inefficiencies. Many processes that could have been streamlined and automated were handled manually, consuming valuable time and resources. The client's personnel had limited knowledge of how to customize ServiceNow to meet their specific needs, which initially hindered their ability to leverage the platform's full potential.

The transition to ServiceNow represented a significant change for the client's organization. Adapting to new processes, terminologies, and workflows required an adjustment period. Overall, the client's experience underscored the importance of comprehensive training, support, and a strategic implementation plan to ensure a successful transition to the platform.

The Solution

Within the domains of IT Service Management (ITSM) and Knowledge Management, a substantial portion of the project was centered on the effective use of Out-of-the-Box (OOB) solutions. This strategic choice not only optimized processes but also yielded significant returns on investment for the client, efficiently aligning their operations with industry standards.


The project presented the opportunity to delve deeply into ServiceNow's capabilities and, more importantly, to grapple with the complexity of custom workflow development using ServiceNow Flow Designer. Specifically, the challenge revolved around creating a custom workflow that would trigger email notifications after an incident had been in a specific state for three days following its opening. Initially, this appeared daunting, but a mentorship session proved instrumental in breaking through the complexity, ultimately revealing that the solution was within closer reach than initially anticipated.

Furthermore, the scope of the project extended to extensive customization of the Service Catalog. This included configuring over 50 catalog items, many of which were service-based, each requiring bespoke workflows tailored to the distinct requirements of support groups. This intricate Service Catalog configuration ensured that the client's diverse team needs were met with precision. In addition, Hardware Asset Management Professional (HAM Pro) was configured to accommodate the client's unique warehousing processes and asset management for assets not owned by the client.

This intricate configuration allowed for effective tracking, management, and optimization of assets, even when not in direct ownership. In summary, the project's strategic reliance on OOB solutions in ITSM and Knowledge Management delivered an impressive return on investment for the client, while simultaneously serving as an exceptional learning journey for the developer, encompassing challenging custom workflows, mentorship, and the comprehensive customization of ServiceNow's Service Catalog and HAM Pro, ensuring a successful outcome for the project.


The transformation allowed the client's personnel to experience a sense of empowerment. They were no longer beholden to the limitations of their old systems. Instead, they could readily harness the capabilities of the ITSM platform to facilitate their work, respond to issues promptly, and efficiently manage resources. This newfound empowerment not only improved their individual job satisfaction but also had a ripple effect across the entire organization. As employees felt more confident in their abilities to effectively manage IT services, it translated into a more proactive and agile workforce, capable of responding to changing requirements and challenges.

The establishment of this strong and trust-based relationship was not limited to the implementation phase alone. It laid the foundation for ongoing support and any potential future projects. The client had confidence in our team's expertise, understanding of their specific requirements, and commitment to delivering solutions that aligned with their organizational goals. This trust was vital in fostering a long-term partnership, where our team could continue to support the client's evolving needs and help them harness the full potential of their ITSM platform.


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