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Share the Wealth: IntegrationHub (IH) in ServiceNow

In this Share the Wealth video, Sheikh Kamarah of GlideFast Consulting gives an overview and demonstration of IntegrationHub (IH) in ServiceNow.

What is IntegrationHub?

IntegrationHub is not Flow Designer. Flow Designer is a feature for automating processes, like approvals, tasks, and notifications using a natural language coding environment, which consists of flows, subflows, actions, action steps, and spokes.

Flow Designer houses IntegrationHub, which uses actions, action steps, and spokes. IntegrationHub is similar to Workflow Editor. It cannot be used to communicate externally out of the box (OOTB).

IntegrationHub (IH) is a feature for automating integration tasks using custom or ServiceNow-built components. IntegrationHub lives inside Flow Designer and works as part of a flow to execute communication with external systems.

Each integration within IH is called a spoke. Each spoke consists of Actions and Action steps designed for a specific integration. Spokes can be predefined or custom built and are highly reusable.

IntegrationHub utilizes connection aliases which provides a way to determine connection and credential details at run-time. It extends Flow Designer’s use of natural language coding.

Available Spokes


  • Cisco Webex

  • Microsoft Teams

  • ServiceNow eBond

  • Slack

  • Zoom

  • GitHub

  • Jira

  • Twitter



  • Remedy

  • Dropbox

  • Google (multiple)

  • AD and Azure AD

  • SCCM Usage

  • SharePoint

  • Okta



  • Amazon/AWS (multiple)

  • DocuSign

  • Google Cloud Storage

  • Kronos

  • SCCM

Custom Action Steps

ServiceNow provided the following Custom Action Steps:

  • Payload Building — Allows the easy creation of name-value pairs to be sent out externally

  • SSH — Allows the execution of SSH commands on external systems via a ServiceNow MID Server

  • PowerShell — Allows scripts to be run on remote machines from ServiceNow via MID Server

  • REST/SOAP — Allows the sending of outbound REST and SOAP messages

  • XML Parser — Allows for the mapping of XML elements into other objects without any scripting

  • JDBC — Allows SQL commands to be sent to a relational database

Why IntegrationHub?

There are many reasons why IntegrationHub is useful. Orchestration is no longer available for new clients — IH is the way of the future. Its natural-language environment lowers the barrier for non-technical designers.

Pre-defined spokes and actions cut down on time spent setting up. Spokes are highly reusable and can be shared with other designers.

In addition, integration must be created within its own scope, helping to prevent data collisions. IntegrationHub places everything in a single interface.



Interested in working with experts like Sheikh? Reach out to our team. We would love to learn more about your ServiceNow challenges and how we can help your organization build better solutions.

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