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How to Update Theme with New UI (San Diego) in ServiceNow

With Saloni Suthar


In this article, you will learn how to change the theme on the San Diego instance with the new UI experience enabled. With the San Diego version, we actually have to update CSS to update the theme colors. This is not as easy as it was in previous versions, so let’s dive right into it!

Getting Started

We will start by navigating to sys_ux_style_ list.do table. Let's click on new to create a new UX style, and we are going to name it custom brand. Next, we will copy the JSON code with the base and properties blocked into the style field and click save. Now, we will navigate to themes and find Polaris. For our example, we will update the primary color as well as the header color.

Updating the Primary and Header Colors

Let's open color style, and we will find the code to override the primary color and copy the code needed. We will then go back to our newly created UX style and paste the code in the base block. Now, we will update the primary color to red and have to use RGB values of any color we choose. We will now change the values in our style block to override the primary color and save it (reference video at 1:26).

Similarly, we are going to add a code to change the header color to maroon. We will again navigate to Polaris UX theme, and add a new style to update the branding. Once we refresh the page, we should be able to see that the primary color is changed to red as well as the banner color.


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