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Elevate Your ServiceNow Customer Support Experience with CSM Fixed Pricing Solution by GlideFast Consulting

Elite ServiceNow Partner GlideFast Consulting, at the forefront of groundbreaking ServiceNow customer support solutions, is thrilled to present its CSM Fixed Pricing solution. This comprehensive offering is expertly crafted to boost productivity, heighten customer contentment, and foster enduring achievements. It capitalizes on ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) and promptly shifts your organization towards delivering superior customer service experiences.

MVP Offering 

This package encompasses a fundamental core configuration, serving as the vital foundation for setting up the platform and establishing a solid base for effortless integration and maximum utilization across various modules and functions. Furthermore, you can enhance and refine the issue resolution process by effectively monitoring, arranging, and prioritizing customer inquiries and problems using CSM Case Management. Lastly, your team will receive comprehensive training to furnish them with the indispensable skills and knowledge needed to unlock the platform's complete potential, fostering greater efficiency and enhanced user acceptance.

By embracing these changes, you will revolutionize your customer support experience through several key advantages.


MVP Outcomes

Firstly, our 90-Day Go-Live initiative ensures that you can expedite your time-to-value, minimizing any disruptions to your current operations, and seamlessly transition to providing enhanced customer service experiences.

Secondly, we promise an enhancement in case resolution times, significantly reducing the time it takes to resolve cases, ultimately leading to improved customer satisfaction.

Thirdly, within one year, you'll witness a substantial reduction in your overall case volume, streamlining your support processes and increasing operational efficiency.

Lastly, we'll help you centralize your tooling by retiring one legacy system, simplifying your technology landscape, and promoting consistency in your support operations. These transformative steps are just the beginning of the improvements you can achieve.

Premium Offering 

This bundle encompasses all the foundational core configurations found in the MVP offering, along with more substantial and advantageous enhancements. For instance, it introduces channels like the Virtual Agent, which empowers your customer support by providing real-time, AI-driven assistance and seamless communication, leading to quicker query resolutions and heightened customer satisfaction. You will also gain the capability to streamline your integrations, unifying systems to boost operational efficiency and make more informed decisions through seamless data connectivity. Additionally, plugins like ITSM will be at your disposal to create a cohesive service ecosystem, harmonizing internal IT processes with customer-centric solutions, resulting in streamlined support and increased user satisfaction.

Moreover, this package delivers efficiency in workspaces, facilitating efficient service delivery by enabling personalized agent experiences and dynamic case management, leading to heightened productivity and superior customer interactions. It also includes data exchange features, such as ebonding, to facilitate real-time data sharing and collaborative problem-solving, ultimately optimizing workflow efficiency and enhancing inter-business relationships.

Embracing these alterations will lead to a transformation in your customer support experience, offering numerous significant benefits.

Premium Outcomes

Firstly, self-service adoption is poised to heighten rates of self-service utilization, empowering customers to independently discover solutions. Notable enhancements in case resolution times will be evident, reducing the duration from case initiation to resolution. You will gain the capacity to expedite the fulfillment of customer requests, offering swifter and more efficient responses to their needs. Case Deflection will enable an increase in the redirection of cases toward self-service solutions, consequently decreasing the volume of support inquiries

Additionally, you will be capable of enhancing overall customer satisfaction by providing more prompt and effective support. With Centralized Tooling, you can streamline your operations by retiring three legacy systems, simplifying your technology infrastructure. This comprehensive package brings the added advantage of benefiting from enhanced reporting capabilities, facilitating data-driven insights that guide more informed decision-making. Furthermore, it includes Escalations, allowing you to minimize customer escalations through proactive issue resolution and the delivery of top-tier support.

In conclusion, GlideFast’s CSM Fixed Pricing solution packages represent an unparalleled opportunity for your organization to elevate its customer support experience.



About GlideFast Consulting, A Division of Apex Systems

GlideFast Consulting is an Elite ServiceNow Partner that specializes in delivering exceptional solutions on the ServiceNow platform. We pride ourselves on offering industry-leading services, unparalleled expertise, and a track record of positive customer reviews. Our extensive experience in ServiceNow, combined with our unwavering commitment to customer success, sets us apart from our competitors and enables us to deliver successful outcomes for every client. Whether it's our deep platform knowledge, process-driven standardization, or innovative approach, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the best possible experience. Reach out to our team here.

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