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Self-Service Portal for Customers in ServiceNow

US Bank Enables Self-Service Portal for Customers in ServiceNow

The Customer

This large financial services company based in the United States focused on Treasury Management Services. Prior to GlideFast’s engagement, the organization was already utilizing ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM) and ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) internally.

The client was looking to extend their Treasury Management Services by offering a self-service option for Treasury Management Customers to activate new service subscriptions and add accounts to existing service subscriptions. With this new objective in the Now Platform, they sought the help of GlideFast.

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The Challenge

The challenge began with the need to consolidate and optimize the organization’s middle and back office operations by moving work out of individual email accounts and attachments, toward a more unified platform to increase transparency, accountability, and audibility. They were especially interested in increasing management visibility to case volumes, breakdowns, and potential process bottlenecks. 

Historically, adding a new subscription or an additional account required a Treasury Management Customer to initiate contact directly with the front or middle office supporting their account, with work then being carried out via emails, spreadsheets, and other attachments managed from individual or shared accounts. 

The client expected to produce a solution to enable self-service as an option for Treasury Management Services while automating the middle and back office processes in ServiceNow as a framework that could scale to include new service offerings and types of requests.

The Solution

GlideFast worked with the client to create an external client-facing Service Portal implementation, utilizing highly-personalized and specifically-tailored widgets that allow a customer to view the status of their current account subscriptions and easily initiate a request to either activate a new service subscription or add accounts to existing subscriptions. 

The GlideFast team incorporated chat functionality to facilitate customer requests for assistance, providing a new channel for contact — previously only email or direct phone call was available. This led to the development of a custom application, extended from ServiceNow Customer Service Management, with a highly complex and individualized data model to support the underlying references, associations, and organization structure required to accurately represent the customer, contacts, bank accounts, and subscriptions for Treasury Management.

GlideFast was able to build out a provider-initiated SSO integration to align and secure customer access with the current Treasury Management application, which includes a custom real-time process that either imports customer and bank account information if new, or updates existing data on demand. A data source integration from the “record of truth” system for billing was established to provide the most up to date and current information regarding service subscriptions. 

GlideFast further assisted the client with a custom integration with Quadient to facilitate the creation of individualized agreement documents while confirming and authorizing requests. The team provided setup and configuration of the DocuSign spoke integration with the client's environment along with custom actions and processes integrated into the Case Management process.

GlideFast created various other data source integrations from distinct systems with unique data requirements, triggers, and data precedence to ensure the most accurate and complete set of data for both customer and fulfiller needs.


GlideFast completed the initial project in just 6 months,  an MVP (minimum viable product), but has continued with additional resources and scope being added. This project is currently ongoing with continued refinements, enhancements, and new features being added.

With the initial implementation in the financial services company’s ServiceNow portal, Treasury Management customers were not only able to view the current status of existing service subscriptions, but were able to generate orders for new subscriptions and add accounts to existing subscriptions via a full self-service option for the first time. The integration of chat functionality provided customers with a new channel for communication and means of obtaining information or assistance with Treasury Management products. 

This has become an ongoing project partnership with the client and GlideFast, which has resulted in several additional, independent projects in various areas.


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