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ServiceNow HR Service Delivery Professional

Healthcare Company Substantial Healthcare Company Implements ServiceNow HR Service Delivery Professional

The Customer

The client, an eminent healthcare company, offers group and individual health coverage, Medicare supplements, stop-loss coverage, and administrative services for self-funded health plans. They have previously implemented ServiceNow IT Service Management (ITSM), IT Operations Management (ITOM), and Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM). This is the first time ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD) would be introduced to their existing ServiceNow platform.

The client turned to GlideFast to implement HR Case and Knowledge Management, HR Service Request, HR Employee Relations, and Employee Center, also known as HR Service Delivery Professional. They believed they would benefit from GlideFast's experience in HR Service Delivery and trusted the team to be prescriptive and provide guidance through the implementation, as they had previously demonstrated.

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The Challenge

At the time, the customer was only using email, phone, and voicemail for HR functions. Because they didn’t have an HR case management system in place, ServiceNow HR functionalities were needed to mature and improve delivery and overall customer experience. With this implementation, the client was expecting to move to a self-service portal and case management system accompanied by supporting key performance indicators, reporting, and metrics to enable improvement. They also needed a way to handle service users from a companion company that was not within their own domain.

The Solution

The solution was to implement HR Case and Knowledge Management, HR Service Request, HR Employee Relations, and Employee Center. To ensure that this project was a success, GlideFast set up weekly meetings, and daily stand-ups with the customer on Tuesday and Thursday during the execution phase of the Project. There were also additional workshops to guide the customer through templates needed to confirm requirements. 

The GlideFast team set up demo sessions to present configurations completed and receive feedback from the client. There were also checkpoint sessions to review remediation activities required during User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Hyper care support after their ServiceNow Go-Live. To ensure success and solution maintenance, there were numerous training sessions to end users and knowledge transfer sessions to ServiceNow Admins.


The project lasted 29 weeks from start to end. The Planning phase was extended in order to properly get all requirements from the customer to ensure a prosperous implementation. There were 8 of the 9 weeks where the Planning phase ran in parallel to the Execution phase.


As this was the first solution for HR, they were able to acheive the following:

  • Their own portal with a self-service request, case management, and knowledge articles at hand

  • Accurate reporting on cases, and Service-level agreements

  • Effective metrics on knowledge articles usage and HR cases

  • More effective assignation of HR cases and use of notifications

  • The ability to hand guest users for HR services supplied to a companion company

The client was very pleased with the success of the ServiceNow HRSD implementation, and there is now a continued partnership with the customer to work on other ServiceNow implementation projects with them. 


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