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ServiceNow SAM Pro Transforms Medical Device Company

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The Customer

The client, a prominent American corporation in the medical technology sector focuses on the development, manufacturing, and promotion of robotic products. These innovations aim to improve clinical outcomes by facilitating minimally invasive surgery. The organization had already integrated ServiceNow into its operations, employing the platform primarily for IT Service Management (ITSM). Also, the company had previously implemented an early version of IT Asset Management (ITAM) on the ServiceNow platform.  


The Challenge

The organization's reliance on Excel spreadsheets for managing a substantial IT software portfolio, valued in the millions, presented a host of challenges. The manual nature of the tracking process proved to be a significant hindrance as the organization expanded and diversified its software landscape. The sheer volume and complexity of the software assets made it increasingly difficult to maintain accuracy and timeliness in tracking changes and updates. Specifically, monitoring IT licenses became a persistent pain point. The manual effort required for this task was not only time-consuming but also prone to human error.

The client struggled to ensure optimal allocation of licenses, leading to concerns about over-allocation, a situation that not only risked compliance issues but also raised the specter of unnecessary financial expenditure. The lack of a centralized, automated system for license tracking left the organization exposed to the potential mismanagement of valuable assets, highlighting the urgent need for a more sophisticated and efficient solution to mitigate these challenges.

The Solution

In recognizing the inefficiencies inherent in their existing system, the client articulated a clear need for a centralized tracking and reporting solution. Their expectations for our intervention were centered on establishing a real-time accounting and reporting system that could comprehensively manage and monitor all IT software assets. The goal was to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in their IT asset management practices.

Our team proposed a comprehensive solution to address the client's complex IT asset management challenges. The cornerstone of our approach was the implementation of ServiceNow's Software Asset Management Professional (SAM Pro) module, a robust and versatile tool designed to optimize software asset management. SAM Pro, integrated seamlessly into the existing ServiceNow platform, facilitated centralized tracking and reporting of the organization's vast IT software portfolio. This module offered a range of features, including real-time license monitoring, automated compliance checks, and detailed reporting capabilities. Our implementation involved tailoring SAM Pro to the specific needs of the client, configuring it to efficiently manage the millions of dollars worth of IT software assets. We also conducted thorough testing to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the system.

To supplement the core implementation, our team engaged in regular communication with the client through weekly meetings. These sessions were crucial for understanding evolving requirements, addressing queries, and fine-tuning the system based on user feedback. We conducted training sessions to familiarize the client's staff with the new system, ensuring a smooth transition and maximizing the benefits of SAM Pro. 

While the project largely adhered to the initial scope, we accommodated one non-standard software flow addition to enhance the system's flexibility and meet specific client needs. This meticulous approach, combining robust software implementation with ongoing collaboration and customization, was instrumental in delivering a tailored solution that exceeded the client's expectations.


The implementation of the ServiceNow Software Asset Management Professional module yielded significant benefits for our client. The transition from manual Excel spreadsheet tracking to a centralized, automated system brought about a notable improvement in efficiency, accuracy, and transparency in IT asset management practices. The tailored solution, finely tuned to the specific needs of the client, not only ensured optimal allocation of licenses but also mitigated the risks of compliance issues and unnecessary financial expenditures. 

The ongoing collaboration and customization efforts, including regular communication and training sessions, contributed to a seamless transition and maximized the benefits of SAM Pro. As a result, the client now enjoys a sophisticated and flexible IT asset management system that not only met but exceeded their expectations, marking a pivotal step toward a more streamlined and effective approach to managing valuable software assets.


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