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Elevating Healthcare Efficiency

Empowering a Non-Profit Health System with ServiceNow Solutions

The Customer

The client, a prominent non-profit health system, operates in the healthcare industry and boasts an extensive network comprising 23 hospitals, over 300 physician offices, and an array of healthcare services. Their substantial workforce of 40,000 team members and more than 12,800 providers makes them one of the largest employers in the regions they serve. The organization sought to enhance its operations by building upon its prior use of ServiceNow in an IT Service Management (ITSM) capacity.

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The Challenge

Our assistance was sought after the client encountered a multitude of challenges. These included a considerable influx of lower-priority tickets inundating the service desk, operational inefficiencies stemming from the utilization of the standard platform user interface, a compelling necessity for end-users to autonomously address their issues and diminish the ticket volumes associated with lower-priority tasks, and a distinct aspiration for their agents to achieve enhanced productivity while having all their work consolidated within a unified platform. 

The client held high expectations for the solution, anticipating an augmented level of self-service and a reduction in incidents on the service desk, notably the low-priority ones, through the implementation of automation and self-service tools. Additionally, they envisioned empowering their agents to dedicate more time to higher-priority tasks and proactively advancing their initiatives.

The Solution

Our approach involved the proposal and implementation of ServiceNow Virtual Agent, Agent Chat, and Service Operations Workspace to meet the client's complex needs. This encompassed a multi-faceted strategy, including the organization of workshops, hosting of training sessions, and maintaining a consistent schedule of client meetings. These interactions served as a platform for clear communication, enabling us to stay aligned with the client's vision throughout the project.

Quality assurance was a key element of our strategy. We carried out end-to-end unit testing of the product, meticulously examining its functionality and performance to ensure it met the highest standards. Furthermore, we swiftly addressed any reported defects, capturing them promptly and resolving them within defined timelines. This approach not only guaranteed a seamless project flow but also contributed to the client's satisfaction with the results.

Finally, our team took a proactive stance, continuously seeking to understand and accommodate the evolving needs of the client. This approach facilitated a dynamic and adaptive project, resulting in quick wins and reinforcing the client's confidence in our ability to deliver a solution that exceeded their expectations.


Our efforts yielded remarkable accomplishments for the client. Firstly, there was a substantial reduction in issue resolution time, addressing the critical challenge of timely incident resolution. Client satisfaction was notably high, as reflected in a perfect five out of five survey score, underscoring their contentment with the implemented solutions. Moreover, our solution saw a successful rollout, with the client's teams effectively leveraging our training materials, contributing to the seamless adoption of the technology. Throughout the project, positive client feedback was consistently received during testing for each sprint, validating the efficacy of our approach. 

Looking ahead, the client has shown a keen interest in a prospective Phase 2 for the Virtual Agent implementation. This envisioned next step involves a phased approach, contemplating gradual stages of implementation to further enhance their operations, indicating a promising and potentially ongoing collaboration with the client.


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