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Nationwide Grocer Levels Up with ServiceNow CSM

Retail - ServiceNow Customer Service Management 

The Customer

The client is a grocer and wholesaler with around 900 locations across 32 states and over $4 billion in annual sales. They recently implemented ServiceNow's Customer Service Management to support their Retail Partners and customers. The initiative's first phase targeted migrating store locations and associates into the platform to enable faster issue resolution for IT and product support. Before ServiceNow, they used a home-grown solution and several other platforms; the organization's target was to consolidate as many of those as possible to streamline its service landscape.


The Challenge

The solution was crafted after understanding the Retailers Partner operations and the hierarchy within its ranks, paired with careful consideration for the roadmap ahead. The Business-to-Business data model was coupled with the Business Locations industry data model to create the cocktail for success. Franchise locations exist as External Business Locations, and the corporate-owned stores are Internal Business Locations. This approach is a catalyst for future expansion of the Customer Service Application and puts vital aspects of the Retail Partners' data back into the hands of the partner. 

One such example is a registration process built to allow for partners to self-serve management of their employees, allowing for initial registration, modification, and deactivation of those users as well as their relationship to the partner's organization by allowing them to designate persona from a Clerk to a District Manager or Owner/Operator. The functionality is built to allow for client oversight and requires approvals under certain conditions to protect the partner's data and ensure configurations in other supporting systems are in place. They plan to implement the Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) data model, allowing Stores to provide customer service to their direct customers and further integrate their Retail Partner content into a Service Now Portal.

The Solution

The proposed solution, despite facing challenges and scope adjustments, was a testament to our commitment to delivering value to our client. We streamlined our focus primarily on ServiceNow Discovery and selected aspects of ServiceNow Service Mapping. 

To ensure the project's success, the GlideFast team engaged in numerous additional meetings to maintain alignment with the client's team and stakeholders. When roadblocks emerged, our collaborative efforts with the client led to the definition of clearer goals and responsibilities, fostering a sense of unity to propel the project forward. 

We remained agile, adapting swiftly to changes in team dynamics and resources, and employing innovative solutions to ensure we achieved our overarching project objectives. With a strong emphasis on learning, our training department went above and beyond, providing a total of 6 hours of training instead of the initially planned 1 hour. This investment in knowledge transfer ensured that the client not only comprehended the work accomplished during the project but also gained a deep understanding of the true scope of achievements, setting them on a path toward self-sufficiency and success.


The implementation of ServiceNow's Customer Service Management has provided enhanced efficiencies and capabilities. It has empowered account teams with greater interactivity, visibility, and reduced manual efforts in managing customer data. The solution has streamlined service processes, enabling faster issue resolution for IT and product support. The customer plans to further integrate its Retail Partner content into a ServiceNow Portal, extending its capabilities to provide customer service to direct customers through the Business to Business to Consumer (B2B2C) data model. 


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