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American Manufacturer Uses ServiceNow for Infrastructure Solutions

Manufacturing - ServiceNow Discovery, Service Mapping

The Customer

The client is a prominent American corporation that specializes in providing materials engineering solutions and equipment for the semiconductor and display industries. Their expertise and innovative products play a pivotal role in supporting the technological advancements and growth of these high-tech industries. The client had previously utilized ServiceNow but had heavily customized their system, leading to infrastructure issues and technical debt.


The Challenge

The client grappled with a multitude of challenges. Their foremost concern was the lack of visibility within their IT landscape; a comprehensive understanding of their hardware, software, and services was notably absent, impairing their ability to manage IT resources efficiently. 

Additionally, they struggled with manual and inefficient processes, relying on labor-intensive and error-prone methods for discovering and tracking IT assets and services. As their organization expanded and embraced new technologies, complexity escalated, resulting in decentralized operations and a need for more effective decision-making processes. These challenges collectively drove the client to seek professional support in GlideFast to address their pressing IT infrastructure issues.

The solution provider proposed a well-structured Change Enablement plan to prepare the organization for the upcoming transition. The plan included the following key components:

  • Communication Plan: A detailed communication plan was created to effectively communicate the changes to all stakeholders.
  • Change Champions & Super Users: Change Champions and Super Users were identified and trained to assist with change-related activities.
  • Process Owners (POs): Process Owners were appointed as leads and main contacts for Change Champions and Super Users.
  • Training Strategy: A comprehensive training strategy was developed, and trainers were identified and trained to impart ITIL and ServiceNow knowledge.
  • Collaboration with HR and Corporate Communications: The solution provider collaborated with HR for Onboarding and Offboarding configurations and with Corporate Communications for non-IT related communications.

The Solution

The proposed solution, despite facing challenges and scope adjustments, was a testament to our commitment to delivering value to our client. We streamlined our focus primarily on ServiceNow Discovery and selected aspects of ServiceNow Service Mapping. 

To ensure the project's success, the GlideFast team engaged in numerous additional meetings to maintain alignment with the client's team and stakeholders. When roadblocks emerged, our collaborative efforts with the client led to the definition of clearer goals and responsibilities, fostering a sense of unity to propel the project forward. 

We remained agile, adapting swiftly to changes in team dynamics and resources, and employing innovative solutions to ensure we achieved our overarching project objectives. With a strong emphasis on learning, our training department went above and beyond, providing a total of 6 hours of training instead of the initially planned 1 hour. This investment in knowledge transfer ensured that the client not only comprehended the work accomplished during the project but also gained a deep understanding of the true scope of achievements, setting them on a path toward self-sufficiency and success.


Despite challenges, the achievements of the project were significant. It paved the way for the development of a robust foundational IT infrastructure, positioning the client to effectively tackle future business challenges. Through an extensive learning journey, encompassing learning sessions, demonstrations, and hands-on development stories, the client gained valuable insights into their business challenges. Moreover, the project provided crucial recommendations to empower the client for future success by establishing foundational assets.

While specific metrics were unavailable due to the soft Go-Live, the project's highlights included adept problem-solving, adaptability to changing circumstances, and substantial training that ensured the client comprehended the project's scope and accomplishments. Looking ahead, the client has expressed interest in future collaborations with GlideFast working toward the continual advancement and improvement of their ServiceNow instance.

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