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American Producer Consolidates ServiceNow Instances for Efficiency

Manufacturing - ServiceNow CSDM, CMDB, Employee Service Center

The Customer

The client is a leading American manufacturer of diagnostic healthcare products, serving a global market. The company is the result of the merger in 2022, and both organizations previously had their own ServiceNow instances. This created the need for a comprehensive instance merger while preserving the best features of each instance. Simultaneously, the customer was maneuvering through an intricate merger procedure that encompassed substantial organizational shifts.


The Challenge

The challenge faced was seamlessly merging two distinct ServiceNow instances into one coherent and efficient system. While not experiencing any critical issues, the client recognized the need to reduce technical debt, align with out-of-the-box (OOB) functionality and processes, and ensure a smooth user experience for employees transitioning from the separate instances. 

The client expected the merged instance to offer improved operational efficiency, reduced technical complexity, adherence to industry best practices, and a unified employee experience.

The Solution

GlideFast proposed a comprehensive solution involving the re-platforming of the client onto a new ServiceNow instance. This strategy facilitated joint evaluations by teams from both the Eastern and Western regions, enabling them to collectively assess every side of their current platforms. This assessment determined the necessity of each element and pinpointed prospects for enhancement or alignment with pre-built functionalities.

The project entailed months of workshops, development, and fine-tuning. GlideFast engaged in close collaboration with the customer through weekly refinement sessions to ensure the seamless progress of all project elements. The development and testing procedures exhibited a strong foundation, with the client's testing team closely partnering with GlideFast's developers. The distribution of responsibilities encompassed the customer overseeing data migration for cost management, while GlideFast delivered comprehensive training on employing ServiceNow Guided Tours for the novel ServiceNow Employee Center.


The project yielded a series of accomplishments that underscore its success. The transition to the Utah version of ServiceNow was seamlessly executed, marked by minimal disruptions. A migration to Change Models from legacy workflows took place without altering established processes, all the while safeguarding integrations. Notably, two help desks were merged with a seamless incident routing system built around application Configuration Items (CI). 

The convergence continued with the streamlining of endpoint management, transitioning from BigFix and SCCM to Intune, enhancing efficiency. 

Critical data center issues were resolved, paving the way for future expansion endeavors. The implementation of e-signature Change Approvals now empowers Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials, further bolstering security. Additionally, the realignment of the ServiceNow Configuration Management Database (CMDB) in accordance with the ServiceNow Common Services Data Model (CSDM) lays a robust foundation for future scalability, exemplifying a forward-looking approach.

The client has affirmed their commitment to sustaining the collaborative partnership with GlideFast. Their forward-looking strategy encompasses the augmentation of discovery capabilities and the introduction of ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD), aiming to elevate the optimization of their ServiceNow instance. This triumphant alliance between a leading American manufacturer of diagnostic healthcare products and GlideFast not only seamlessly united their ServiceNow instances but also established a bedrock for ongoing improvements, procedural refinements, and scalability within the dynamic landscape of the healthcare diagnostic sector.

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