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ITBM Implementation

ITSM & ITBM : Choosing the right tools to align project priorities and make business decisions.

The Challenge

A national media and entertainment organization uses ServiceNow’s ITSM application and chose to add the ITBM suite in order to enable the organization to take advantage of same-platform functionality, shared records, and workflow capacity.

However, their applications and workflows lacked standard governance practices and transparency into achievements, forecasted activities, and resource capacity.

This resulted in several challenges for the client including conflicting tasks and goals, poor communication within and across departments, and a uniformed way to manage, perform, and forecast activities. 


The Solution

The client team realized their current processes would not integrate well with the functionality of the ITBM suite. The ITBM suite was deemed as a necessary tool to track progress against deliverables, standardizing the governance and reporting.

Client engaged GlideFast Consulting to implement their ITBM suite. Before the implementation, the GlideFast team hosted several training workshops with client users to demonstrate the ITBM modules in detail. GlideFast explained best practices in detail and provided examples of previous client engagements to show the recommended ways to use and leverage the NOW Platform. 

In addition, the GlideFast team removed modules that were out-of-scope from the implementation plan and focused on detailed requirements for those in scope. The in-scope applications were then implemented in agile. The teams worked collaboratively in testing to adjust and create new changes so the client could receive exactly the processes, workflows, and the results they needed in order to work efficiently within the new application and modules.  


Through their partnership with GlideFast, the client was able to achieve the following in 7 weeks: 

  • Successfully implemented a new ServiceNow application with their existing ITSM application 

  • Developed a clear standard plan that incorporated all users preferred methods of activity tracking and completion 

  • Utilize the right tools to align project priorities and make business decisions based on the strategic goals of the client 

  • Achieved  transparency into client achievements, forecasted activities, and resource capacity 


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