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Transforming HR With ServiceNow

Independent Government Agency – ServiceNow HRSD Solution

The Customer

The organization, an economic institution overseeing monetary and financial systems in the United States, plays a vital role in maintaining the stability of the nation's financial infrastructure. The independent government agency comprises a governing body and twelve regional branches, collectively responsible for regulating banking institutions, overseeing monetary policies, and safeguarding consumer credit rights. The organization operates with a workforce ranging from 1,001 to 5,000 employees.

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The Challenge

The institution encountered a multitude of challenges that underscored the imperative for a holistic HR solution. One prominent issue was the prevalent trend of employees reaching out directly to HR personnel rather than embracing self-service options. This not only contributed to a strain on HR resources but also highlighted a need for a more user-friendly and accessible HR service delivery model.

Compounding the challenges were inefficiencies stemming from disconnected systems across various functions within the institution. The lack of integration hindered seamless information flow, exacerbating operational bottlenecks and impeding the overall efficiency of HR processes. Manual data entry and reporting emerged as a significant pain point, introducing delays and administrative burdens. The reliance on labor-intensive, manual processes not only increased the likelihood of errors but also hampered the institution's ability to respond swiftly to HR-related inquiries and requests.

The institution grappled with CRM issues, characterized by user-unfriendly interfaces and sluggish performance. The cumbersome nature of the existing CRM system impeded the speed and effectiveness of HR interactions, creating a need for a more streamlined and responsive solution. A critical challenge lay in the absence of centralized data access, forcing employees to navigate through multiple platforms to access essential information. This fragmentation not only slowed down processes but also contributed to a lack of data visibility and consistency across the institution.

Moreover, the institution found itself heavily reliant on email and spreadsheets for various HR processes, operating outside the confines of a centralized system. This dependence introduced a level of complexity and potential for errors, necessitating a more integrated approach to HR management.

The Solution

The client set out to implement ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD) to address ongoing challenges and achieve specific outcomes:

  • 24/7 access to efficient and consistent HR services.
  • Intuitive user experience for data-driven decision-making.
  • Seamless CTI integration for improved call handling.
  • Quick access to HR information through a single portal.

The proposed solution encompassed the comprehensive implementation of HRSD, covering key aspects such as Benefits, Payroll, Employee Life, HR Operations, HR Systems, Employee Relations, Workforce Planning and analytics, the Employee Service Center, Knowledge Management, and Performance Analytics and reporting. This holistic approach aimed to create a unified and streamlined HR ecosystem.

In addition to the core implementation, integrations were executed with PeopleSoft CRM, NICE InContact CXone, and Workday to ensure seamless interoperability with existing systems. Extensive training initiatives were undertaken for HR Agents and Managers to proficiently navigate ServiceNow and effectively process HR cases.

The project involved ongoing communication and collaboration through weekly meetings, training sessions, and meticulous testing. This comprehensive approach was instrumental in ensuring the successful implementation of the solution and fostering user adoption across the organization. The emphasis on regular communication and training underscored the commitment to a smooth transition and optimized utilization of the new HR service delivery model.


The ServiceNow HRSD implementation at the institution resulted in a series of significant outcomes, showcasing the effectiveness of the solution:

    • Improved Employee and Client Satisfaction: The streamlined HR service delivery model contributed to heightened satisfaction levels among both employees and clients, reflecting the positive impact of the implemented changes.
    • Reduction in Direct Employee Interactions: There was a notable decrease in the need for direct employee interactions with HR personnel, emphasizing the successful promotion and utilization of self-service options.
  • Increased Self-Service Usage: The implementation led to a substantial increase in the usage of self-service features via the Employee Service Center, fostering a more independent and efficient approach to HR-related inquiries and requests.
  • Enhanced Visibility and Automation: The solution resulted in improved visibility and automation of interactions between HR/payroll and other divisions, streamlining processes and minimizing manual intervention.
  • Quantifiable Process Improvements: The implementation yielded quantifiable verification of process improvements, demonstrating a tangible reduction in labor-intensive processes and associated inefficiencies.
  • Maximized HR/Payroll Employee Efficiency: HR/payroll employee efficiency was maximized, allowing for a shift from transactional tasks to more analytical responsibilities, aligning with strategic organizational goals.
  • Improved Reporting and Analytics: The solution significantly enhanced reporting and analytics capabilities, providing the institution with valuable insights for informed decision-making.

The organization is poised to receive ongoing production support, signaling a commitment to a continued partnership in advancing and enhancing HR services. This signifies a dedication to maintaining and optimizing the implemented HR service delivery model for long-term organizational benefit.


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