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Hotel Chain Boosts ServiceNow SPM with GlideFast Advisory

Hospitality - ServiceNow SPM Solution

The Customer

GlideFast was approached by a prominent multinational hospitality company, which had previously implemented ServiceNow Strategic Portfolio Management (SPM) and IT Service Management (ITSM) in collaboration with another partner. The aim was to optimize their utilization of Strategic Project Management within the ServiceNow ecosystem, and they turned to us for guidance in maximizing their investment.


The Challenge

The client faced several issues with their existing implementation, including confusion among employees, a lack of user-friendliness, and excessive customizations.  The client's CIO wanted to move away from legacy spreadsheets, gain better visibility into project financials, and optimize licensing to enhance the value of ServiceNow SPM; however, they were unsure about where to start and did not want to invest in an implementation that wasn't properly scoped.

The customer turned to GlideFast to conduct a comprehensive assessment of their overall maturity and identify gaps in their processes. They sought industry-leading best practices and roadmaps aligned with their corporate goals to maximize their current and future investment in the ServiceNow platform.

The Solution

Our team partnered with the client to address their needs. We conducted small team meetings with stakeholders to identify pain points, manual processes, and requirements. Engaging with individuals at all levels, from management to front-line workers, we captured the overall business needs. Based on our experience, we created easily understandable documentation highlighting identified gaps and offering recommendations for improvements. 

Working together with the customer, we prioritized these recommendations and designed a roadmap that outlined the journey from low to high maturity, along with projected timelines for realizing the value of the changes. We also collaborated with the client to develop a Change Enablement package, including communication channels and messaging, to facilitate a smooth transition to the new processes.


The project was completed within 8 weeks. By the end of the engagement, the client had a clear path forward to maximize the value of their ServiceNow SPM implementation. Using the maturity and gap assessments, they identified and prioritized the most impactful changes for their implementation. 

The roadmap provided the client with a strategic plan for phased implementation and allowed them to plan and budget accordingly. Moreover, the client could now effectively communicate the benefits of the changes to stakeholders at all levels.

The client experienced improved clarity in project management, increased efficiency in process execution, and enhanced financial visibility. Following the advisory engagement, we transitioned into an implementation phase using the framework established during the assessment.

Leveraging the roadmap as a template, the client and our team accelerated the implementation of crucial components while ensuring alignment with future enhancements. This partnership will continue to evolve as further process improvements and tool enhancements are pursued.


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