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Government Cloud Security Firm Sets Up HAM and Discovery on ServiceNow

Government - ServiceNow Discovery, HAM

The Customer

The client is a wholly-owned subsidiary focused on security issues for the U.S. Government so that it can bring technology and innovation to customers across government and regulated industries. The client wanted to implement ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management (HAM) and IT Operations Management (ITOM) Discovery. 


The Challenge

The client needed the ability to locate, identify, and track hardware assets on their local and cloud networks. Furthermore, they required the ability to populate those records in the Configuration Management Database (CMDB). To achieve this functionality, the client brought in the experts at GlideFast. The deliverables were scheduled processes to find new hardware, validate existing hardware, update the CMDB as a single source of truth, and create processes to allow the ordering of new hardware with tie-ins to their existing ERP system.

The Solution

For this solution, ServiceNow Discovery was installed and configured to permit the automated scanning of designated networks for the identification of hardware assets. These records would be written to and stored in the ServiceNow CMDB. ServiceNow’s Hardware Asset Management module was also installed and configured to allow ordering tracking and retirement of hardware assets integrated with clients' ERP Central Component (ECC) software.

The engagement was completed using the ServiceNow Implementation Methodology via a hybrid agile delivery.  The execution, or build phase, consisted of five 2-week sprints with planning sessions, twice-weekly standups, and demos at the end of each sprint. The Glidefast Training Department was brought on after User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to build the content for training delivery. The engagement was very collaborative and highly iterative from the start and the deliverables were to the client’s specifications. 


The client previously had no automated process and workflow to request computer hardware (laptop, desktop, server, etc), nor did they have one view of all hardware assets residing on their networks. By digitalizing the tasks within a ServiceNow workflow, automation can track the performance of the workflow from end to end. This enables an organization to easily review how well its business operates.

The client appreciated the dedication of the GlideFast team during this project and has asked them to return to implement Software Asset Management (SAM).


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