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Optimizing Naval Operations with ServiceNow ITOM and ITSM

Government - ServiceNow ITOM and ITSM Solution

The Customer

The client is a prominent organization within the U.S. government, specializing in operational meteorology, oceanography, and associated fields. As newcomers to ServiceNow, they have recently adopted its platform to bolster their capabilities in IT Service Management and IT Operational Management. This transition aims to streamline their processes, improve efficiency, and better support their mission-critical operations in meteorology and oceanography.


The Challenge

The client was grappling with the challenge of centralizing service desk operations for managing incident tickets effectively. They were experiencing significant delays in the response and resolution times of their tickets, which was negatively affecting their Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Additionally, there was a pressing need for the automation of recurring changes, ranging from weekly to monthly adjustments, to support their Configuration Control Board (CCB) through an efficient change management workflow. Their existing processes heavily relied on Excel spreadsheets and PDF documents, making it cumbersome to manage and track requests efficiently.

The establishment of a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) was recognized as essential for the client. This was aimed at enabling them to monitor the status of various configuration items and oversee day-to-day operational activities comprehensively. The objective was to facilitate accountability within the ServiceNow platform for incident management, change management, and request management processes.

The Solution

This comprehensive solution includes Incident, Change, Knowledge, and Request Management, along with a Service Portal. Additionally, they have implemented IT Operational Management by enabling discovery and setting up a Configuration Management Database (CMDB) to streamline and optimize their IT infrastructure and operations. This move marks their first step into leveraging ServiceNow's capabilities to improve their IT services and management efficiency.

The solution provided involved creating specialized roles and groups for both command groups within a unified platform to streamline the submission and handling of Incidents and Command Specific Requests. This approach ensured that requests and incidents were efficiently directed to the appropriate Command Group for resolution. Furthermore, custom IT Request Processes were set up for each command, complete with unique workflows to cater to their specific needs. Separate Change Board Processes were established for the client supported by tailored state flows and clear identification mechanisms for Change Managers. This facilitated better oversight and management of Change Request Records.

Collaboration between the client and GlideFast included the setup of a MID Server in the development environment, later transitioning to POD 102, with comprehensive support in aspects like Discovery Schedules, Credentials, and IP Ranges. Additional efforts were made to ensure a smooth migration and operation in the Production environment,

The project also entailed extensive on-site support, including workshops, quality assurance testing, Incident and Discovery training sessions, alongside regular meetings for project refinement. Through close cooperation with ServiceNow and PEO Digital, the solution was securely integrated into the client’s ServiceNow instances within the GCC, with enhanced security through CAC authentication.


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