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Mobile Agent ServiceNow Solution

Multinational Utilities Company Enhances Help Desk Operations with ServiceNow Mobile Agent Solution

The Customer

The client is a multinational electricity and natural gas utility company with operations in the United Kingdom and the northeastern United States. As one of the largest utility companies in the world, they critical role in providing safe, reliable, and sustainable energy solutions to millions of customers.

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The Challenge

The client's help desk was experiencing inefficiencies, leading to delayed response times and customer dissatisfaction. They lacked a comprehensive mobile platform to handle requests, incidents, and approvals efficiently. They recognized the need to enable their help desk team to handle service requests, incident resolutions, and approvals through a mobile platform. To address this issue and improve customer support services, they decided to seek help from a trusted partner known for successfully implementing Mobile Agent solutions.

They chose GlideFast based on our proven track record of implementing Mobile Agent solutions for other organizations. They were impressed by our expertise in delivering user-friendly mobile applications that could streamline help desk operations. They needed a reliable and efficient solution to enhance their support services while enabling their team to work seamlessly on the go.

The Solution

The client had a clear expectation that the solution should be implemented using out-of-the-box (OOB) functionalities to minimize customization efforts. They were committed to maximizing OOB capabilities to ensure a smooth and timely implementation. The solution was expected to offer a range of features, including a Mobile App for agents, incident management, request handling, knowledge base access, chat functionality, approval workflows, and notifications.

Our team proposed the implementation of ServiceNow's Mobile Agent solution with minimal customization. The key components of the solution were as follows:

Agent Mobile App: A user-friendly mobile application that allowed help desk agents to manage incidents, handle service requests, access the knowledge base, engage in real-time chat with users, and approve tasks on the go.

Incident Management: The Mobile Agent solution provided a streamlined incident management process, enabling agents to view, update, and resolve incidents directly from their mobile devices.

Request Handling: Agents gained the ability to efficiently fulfill user requests, track progress, and provide timely responses via the mobile app.

Knowledge Base Access: Access to a knowledge base directly from the app allowed agents to access relevant information to address user inquiries quickly.

Chat Functionality: Real-time chat support empowered agents to engage in instant communication with users, fostering better collaboration and quicker issue resolution.

Approval Workflows: Agents could review and approve various tasks through the mobile app, reducing the need for manual approvals and expediting processes.

Notifications: The solution incorporated notifications to keep agents informed of critical updates and tasks, ensuring a prompt response to time-sensitive issues.

To ensure a successful implementation, our team conducted regular weekly meetings with the client to discuss progress and address any challenges. We also provided comprehensive training, including two end-user quick reference cards, to help the client's team become proficient in using the Mobile Agent. Additionally, we performed thorough testing and migration to the Quality Assurance (QA) environment to validate the solution's performance.


The Mobile Agent implementation was completed successfully, and the solution significantly improved ClientCo's help desk efficiency and overall productivity. Key outcomes included:

Faster Incident Resolutions: The Mobile App empowered agents to resolve incidents and fulfill requests swiftly, reducing issue resolution times from an average of 1 week to just 1 day.

Enhanced Customer Satisfaction: With the Mobile Agent in place, ClientCo's support team could offer more accessible and responsive support services, resulting in higher customer satisfaction rates.

Greater Team Mobility: The Mobile App enabled the help desk team to work seamlessly on the go, improving their ability to address critical issues promptly.

In conclusion, by partnering with GlideFast Consulting and implementing the Mobile Agent solution, our client successfully addressed their help desk efficiency challenges. The mobile platform empowered their team to handle requests, incidents, and approvals more efficiently, resulting in faster resolutions and improved customer satisfaction.

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